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Frequently Asked Questions

"How are you working to actually help the cancer community and help progress research?"

The mission of CFC is build a platform in the car community to raise awareness for and help those affected by cancer.

"Help" manifests itself in a few ways. The first is having part of all proceeds going to research hospitals. 2.) More than monetary donations, we also want to demonstrate our impact visibly. A small way we've begun doing this is with teddy bear donations to children's centers. If you are interested in learning more, visit our Instagram @carsforcancer to see picture/video documentation of this. Once COVID passes, we will be seeing how to visit child patients in person and hold events for them. 3.) Work to equip car enthusiasts to build platforms in their own communities that will help others. Cancer-related or not. 4.) Raise general awareness and build something in the car scene that makes people feel a part of something. 

"How much of proceeds go to research, etc?"

While we are still so small, it is difficult to give a fixed % of what part of proceeds will always go to research. With that said, the majority of proceeds after expenses will always go toward cancer research.

What do some those expenses look like?

1.) Cost of goods. We will always have fixed costs that will go toward manufacturing sticker decals, producing windshield banners, printing t-shirts & hoodies, etc.
2.) Shipping rates, postage, and shipping materials. Since we do ship internationally, international rates can be steep and we will always bear those fixed costs.
3.) Monthly website hosting, payment processing, integrated add-ons on the website, currency exchange rates, etc.
4.) Paid marketing costs. Although some car enthusiasts have found CFC through word-of-mouth, a lot more car enthusiasts have found CFC through paid marketing campaigns on social media, including Facebook and Instagram. Social media marketing expenses can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month, and we are working hard to spend marketing dollars in the most effective way possible. These marketing campaigns are an great way to reach more people. In doing so, reaching more people will also open doors of opportunity for things we may be able to do and accomplish.
5.) Taxes. Because CFC was started under an LLC, we do not have non-profit status. Again, keeping in mind that CFC was started by a single freshman in college, managing an LLC is much simpler.

Cars for Cancer is a "brand" and community. It is not a brand in the same way that Nike or Adidas is a brand, but think of it more as a brand in the same way that 'Life is Good' is. Brands are 'friendlier' and a lot more accessible, especially in the hyper-social media world we live in today. By establishing ourselves as a global brand, we are also able to reach a lot more people. 


We hope this transparency paves the way for building a strong foundation of trust between our team and our supporters. Our team, of mostly-university students, is working hundreds of hours around our busy schedules to lift CFC off the ground. CFC was never founded with the intention or goal as a way to personally 'profit' from a terrible disease. In different ways, cancer has touched the lives of everyone on our core team, including those who founded it. In fact, a lot of the people most-involved with CFC could spend their time elsewhere and get paid, but have chosen to invest time into Cars for Cancer out of belief in the long-term vision.

As terrible as cancer is, we believe that by doing good work and helping others, that we can make those who we know who have been affected proud.

We wholeheartedly believe we're going to build something huge here for the car community. 

"That money that is donated, where is it donated to?"

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

"How big is the CFC team?"

At the time of writing this, our core team is ~5 individuals who are all in university or recently graduated. Our small-but-mighty team adapts a lot of time around busy schedules to volunteer and work on CFC. This can include: design, content creation, customer support, order fulfillment, etc. among other things.

"Where are you based?" 

Gainesville, Florida, USA. 

"How can I get involved?" 

Take a look at our Involvement Deck (available on one of our other tabs).

Please also feel free to send us an email at carsforcancer.ig@gmail.com with as many specifics as possible.

The more detailed the email, the more detailed an answer we'll be able to give :)

"Are you an LLC or non-profit?" 

LLC. Please read the text under 'How much of proceeds go to research?" for more info.